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“Deep Love beckons us forward.  At its best, love enlivens our heart and helps to heal the tender wounds we carry within us from our past.  At its worst, love’s shadows stalk us; begging us to revisit places we would dare not go uninvited.” –Dr. Jeanne

Engaged? Considering taking the next step in your relationship?

Combining your life with another person is a really big step. Even if you have already been living together, making a marriage commitment takes things to a totally new level. You are choosing to make a commitment to partnership with one person. Legal Partnership. Financial Partnership. Spiritual Partnership. Co-parenting. Talking things through at the beginning, helps set the foundation for your lives together, and helps clear the past, and set the tone for your life together.

Currently Married and Feeling disconnected or out of sync?

Even the best of couples have difficulty now and then, but when does occasional, ordinary difficulty become chronic? What are some of the couples’ issues that can signal real trouble?

Here are Signs your Relationship may be in Trouble:

Increase in arguing or feelings of discontent with your partner

This is one of the major reasons couples begin to recognize they might be in real trouble – only they don’t seek help in time. If you’re finding yourself arguing more with your partner over even “little things,” if small disagreements become blown out of proportion on a continual basis, it’s time to seek help. Dr. Jeanne can help you figure out what’s really going on, to get to the heart of the matter so that arguments are few and far between, and discussion – and resolution – happen instead.

Wondering if you’re still in love with your partner?

Do you find yourself wondering “what might have been” with an old flame – not just occasionally and nostalgically, but often? Do you question whether you’re still in love with your partner? Or, conversely, do you wonder if your partner has fallen out of love with you (even if he or she says otherwise)?

Lack of communication

“Not communicating” can look benign on the surface, but it can signal real trouble if stony silence is the order of the day. It’s true that men and women do communicate differently, but it’s still necessary to talk about current stresses, what’s bothering you, or what you each need and want from your relationship.

Lack of communication can lead to neglect, and neglect can lead to the demise of your relationship. Dr. Jeanne can help you develop a plan that will honor the uniqueness you each bring to the relationship, building respect between you as you figure out how you each best communicate. When troubles do happen, trust, openness, and a willingness to work together can resolve them.

If you are contemplating or experiencing infidelity or other Love Crises, Couples In Crisis there is help and hope. You can learn to rebuild your relationship in ways that you may have never dreamed possible.

Combining Lives presents unique challenges for couples. We each bring with us into new relationships all of our unresolved issues from past relationships and former marriages. It takes work and focused attention, but you can more successfully navigate new relationships, and learn how to leave the past in the past.

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