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Divorce Recovery for Women

Healing from Divorce can be a Powerful time to Recover Your Life and Reclaim YourSelf

“Your heart is not living until it has experienced pain … Letting the heart break open awakens us to the mystery of love … forcing us to stretch so that it can embrace all of what we are.” – John Welwood

Are you divorced or otherwise experiencing the loss of a significant relationship?

Death and divorce are devastating events that can leave even the strongest of women overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over. If the relationship ended because of betrayal, you may feel as though you can never trust again. It takes great courage to work through the heartbreak of losing someone you love.  Even if you are no longer “in love” with that person right now, when you build a history with someone, losing them can be devastating. It is possible to rebuild your life after loss; Dr. Jeanne understands and has experienced this first hand. You can learn to love and trust again.

Divorce recovery involves grieving not only the loss of the connection, but also the loss of the future you imagined living with your partner. You can have an exciting, comfortable, extraordinary life as a single woman; and when the time is right, you can also find and create love again.  Deep and rich love;  Love which opens your heart and allows you to feel known, accepted, cherished, and adored. The more work you do to release the past, love and learn about yourself right now, and forgive yourself and your partner, the better prepared you will be to attract a partner who is capable of loving you in the way you desire to be loved.

It may not feel like it right now, but you can and will heal.  I would be honored to be your guide through this rich journey of personal discovery!”  Dr. Jeanne 

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