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Divorce Recovery Men

“Your heart is not living until it has experienced pain … Letting the heart break open awakens us to the mystery of love … forcing us to stretch so that it can embrace all of what we are.” – John Welwood

Are you divorced or otherwise experiencing the loss of a significant relationship?

Divorce and loss are devastating events that can leave even the strongest of men, angry, depressed and reaching for something or someone to help numb the pain. Depression in men often shows up as addictive tendencies, such as overwork, compulsive working out, or over indulgence in alcohol and other substances. If the relationship ended because of betrayal, you may feel very angry and unsure if you can really trust again, especially yourself.

Quite often men tend to jump into new relationships very quickly as a way to avoid the pain of dealing with loss. He then either stays in the new relationship too long, or tends to withdraw, which creates discontent for both parties. Spending time regaining a sense of personal control after a breakup helps men more quickly get back on their feet and helps them to consider what is really important in life and their relationships.  It’s possible to successfully rebuild your life after loss; Dr. Jeanne can help.  Even if you have already jumped into a new relationship and finding things moving too fast, she can helps you sort things out and decide what you really want.

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