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Men’s Issues


“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”  Deepak Chopra

Do you feel like you’ve reached a crossroads in your life? Maybe you’ve been uneasy for a while, but haven’t wanted to face it.

If you’re discontent, you’re not alone. Typically, male discontent comes on gradually. It often manifests itself as a midlife crisis, or maybe you’ve developed an addiction to work or substance abuse. Maybe you’re considering or even having an affair, and/or are simply not the man you want to be.

Take heart. You can change, but you may not know just what to do to make that happen. There are ways to help you develop a plan to change direction or get back on course, as the case may be. Take a look at some common problems men experience.

You just don’t feel that old spark anymore for your spouse – or vice versa

Your discontent can easily affect your relationship with your spouse to such a degree that you may not feel the same desire you once did. Maybe the “grass looks greener” somewhere else, or maybe your partner is experiencing similar feelings of discontent. Have either of you contemplated or thrown out the word divorce in the heat of an argument?

You don’t know who you are anymore – or don’t like who you’ve become

It’s common for men to wake up one day and realize that they’ve become someone they don’t like. Maybe you’ve become a workaholic, or otherwise completely disconnected from your spouse. If you’re ready to make a fresh start, to rediscover who you are and who you want to be, Dr. Jeanne can help. She has designed programs that can help you gain the clarity you need to get your life and relationship back on track.

You have no passion and purpose in life anymore

Remember how passionate you were when you were younger, how the world seemed limitless? It can again. Dr. Jeanne can help you gain the clarity you need to decide what you want. She’ll work with you to create a plan so that you can reclaim your life, your purpose – and your relationship with your spouse.

You have lost interest in your career

Often when men are struggling with their relationships they either throw themselves into their career, or they find themselves missing meetings, unable to concentrate, and feel like they are not plugged into their work.  Have colleagues begun asking you what’s wrong, or telling you that you “no longer seem like yourself”.  Often the people around us may notice that there is a problem before we do. Maybe its time to make some changes, re-engage, or create a new plan.

When you are at a crossroads in your life, Dr. Jeanne’s coaching can help you clarify, decide and create a plan to get your life back on track and be the man you want to be at work and at home.

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