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“It is through the longing to discover and create meaning in our lives that we are willing to risk change. The first step is to recognize that we want to live a more empowered life. Establishing a trusting relationship with a skilled professional can provide needed guidance. As we heal wounds from our pasts, we break free of unconscious cycles and can then create a more joyful and authentic life.”

– Dr. Jeanne Michele

Dr. Jeanne Michele specializes in helping couples and individuals navigate life’s challenges to function at their best and create fulfilling, loving relationships, and productive lives.  She is a communications expert who helps people better understand ways of relating to life that differ from their own. Bottom line:  she helps couples strengthen their relationship, people in the midst of a break-up recover from heartache, and leaders and business professionals strengthen their ability to lead productive lives.

Programs For COUPLES

As human beings, we feel a deep need to connect with each other; there is no greater bond than the connection we establish with our life partners/spouses. However, even the most committed couples can find themselves drifting apart. Have you begun to notice yourselves arguing more than you used to, especially over the “little things”?  Do you wonder whether you’re “in love” with each other anymore?

Are you a couple in mid-life working to successfully Combine Lives (LINK to PAGE) without letting your past sabotage your connection?  Are you a couple trying to decide if you should stay together or call it quits?  Are you wondering if you have drifted too far apart to revitalize your relationship?

Are you contemplating or dealing with issues of infidelity or other Love Crisis (LINK TO COUPLES CRISIS PAGE) situations that warrant immediate attention?  Dr. Jeanne can work with you to address current challenges, no matter how difficult, clarify your choices, then guide the two of on the best way to design the course of your relationship.  If you choose to stay together you will learn how to communicate in ways that enhance your relationship. You will also learn how to love one another. Should you both decide it’s best to part ways, Dr. Jeanne will help you do so in the safest and most honorable way possible.

Programs For WOMEN

Are you single and longing for love, but confused about what you want? Newly divorced and not sure what happens next? Or perhaps you’re in a marriage or relationship that leaves you feeling lost, confused, lonely or uncertain. Whatever the situation, you can learn to love, and be loved, without compromising who you are or what you want.

Programs For MEN

Feeling lost, confused or “at a crossroads”? It’s common for men to feel discontent about their lives and marriages at some point. If you are finding yourself struggling with addictions to work or noticing that you are drinking a little more than you want, perhaps you are wrestling with substance abuse, attraction to women outside of your marriage, or the feeling that “you’re just not acting like the man you want to be.” Know that there is help. There is hope. You can become the man you want to be and live the kind of life you want to live. It takes courage to look at yourself and your choices. And the results are well worth the effort.


For any organization to thrive, it must be able to align its needs with those of its employees. When an organization’s vision and purpose is clear, it can tap into its members’ desires for personal fulfillment and growth to achieve its goals and help its members reach their full potential at the same time. If you are looking to improve the quality of employee communication, or help high level executives work through issues at home which are impacting their ability to be effective at work, we can help.  Contact Dr. Jeanne for more information about structuring a corporate program for your needs.

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