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Women’s Issues

If you are feeling an overriding sense of sadness or anxiety about your life,

or feel like there is a core part of you that you have lost touch with,

I would love to help you reclaim who you are, in or out of relationship.”  Dr. Jeanne


Women and Love 

When women are really in love they typically love with their heart, mind, body and soul.  Even if they don’t quite “love themselves enough” that doesn’t preclude them showering another with tremendous amounts of love.

The three biggest pitfalls for women in the area of relationship are:

  • They fall in love with a man’s “potential”
  • They sacrifice their needs for the needs of the relationship
  • They become silent about what really matters to them

A woman’s continued silence creates a terrible internal discomfort. When a woman quits talking about what matters most, the relationship is sliding into some pretty critical territory. Silence equals disconnection. Disconnection equals lack of desire for intimacy. Lack of desire equals diminished passion and discontent which creates a tremendous ache in a woman’s soul.

Feeling like You have Lost YourSelf?

There are times in a woman’s life, in partnership or not, where she simply feels like she no longer knows who she is. Often a woman becomes so plugged into her family and/or her partner, or her work, that she neglects herself. This realization can show up as an underlying anxiety, fear, or sadness that seems to creep up at unexpected moments. This is particularly challenging for a woman, as she often has trouble figuring out exactly whats wrong. All she knows is that she feels discontent. She seems to have lost her happy!

And, it seems that the antedote women typically reach for is to simply get busier focusing on everyone else, rather than to give herself some “me time”. Women need time to relax and rejuvenate, and to reconnect with her essential self and other women.

Are you single and looking for love, or in an unfulfilling relationship?

Are you a single woman looking for love? Are you in a relationship that’s not fulfilling to you? Are you recently divorced or otherwise experiencing the loss of a significant relationship, such that striking out on your own seems absolutely daunting, foreign or alien to you?

These and other issues are something almost all women face at some point. You may feel the need to just go it alone, or you may find yourself becoming silent about what’s really happening to you, but this can truly hurt you, for it is when you become silent that you can begin to lose hope.

A Woman tends to work very hard at her relationship until one day it dawns on her that she just isn’t happy any more. There are many signs that lead up to this realization; lack of interest in sex; not feeling emotionally fulfilled; feeling disconnected; crying or becoming angry over “the little things” that didn’t really used to bother you; feeling overwhelmed; neglecting your friends.  If you are currently in a marriage or significant relationship and any of these are true for you, it is possible to sort things out and learn how to talk to your partner from a place of greater clarity in ways that open up, rather than shut down communication.

“We are each beautiful works of art anxiously anticipating the moment of our own unveiling.” –  Dr. Jeanne

It’s worth noting that literally every woman in a successful relationship has not always been in one. That is, she started out as a single woman, perhaps even struggled with an unfulfilling relationship, and then either discovered how to make her current relationship fulfilling or found her new partner, for life. How do you become one of those “successful in love” women? Whether or not your partner will join you in this exploration, you can learn to heal your own past, learn to better love yourself and create a more fulfilling connection with your partner or attract the love of your life!

In Love with a Woman?

Over the course of my time in the relationship field I have had the privilege of connecting with some great women who are in relationship with another woman.  I have come to understand the challenges women face that are unique to female partnerships.

If you are in a same sex relationship, you are subject to many of the same challenges a heterosexual couple faces; wanting your partner to understand you; feeling disconnected; losing yourself to your relationship; wanting to be loved and understood; jealousy; standing up for yourself within your relationship; decisions involving children; and opening your heart to giving and receiving love.

You may also wrestle with: setting boundaries with other female friends; defining your relationship to the outside world; maintaining friendships with the opposite sex; and creating deep and lasting intimacy and connection in ways that work for you both. I welcome the opportunity of helping you work through these challenges and better connect with your partner and yourself.

Clarify your relationship vision then design a plan that helps you attract and create what you want

No matter who you are in a relationship with, If you are floundering and so confused that you don’t quite know what you want or where to turn, Dr. Jeanne is here to help. She’ll help you clarify what you want, and then design a plan to achieve it. When you know what you want, you are much more likely to attract healthy, fulfilling love. If you are experiencing a love crisis, loss or divorce, please refer to our section on Crisis or Divorce Recovery.

Love is a sacred path upon which we walk

It is my privilege to help you make the best relationship choices possible and learn to love and be loved in ways that help you and your partner feel cherished, respected, deeply honored and loved. I welcome the opportunity to be your guide to creating deep, passionate, purposeful love.  Dr. Jeanne

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