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Couples in Crisis

Couples in Crisis can Learn to Save their Relationship and Themselves

“Your task is not to seek for love, but find the barriers within yourself you have built against it.”  – Rumi

As human beings, we feel a deep need to connect with each other; among the deepest bonds we can establish are those we find with our partners or spouses. However, even the most committed couples can find themselves in crisis with nowhere to turn.

No longer in love?

Has your spouse announced that he or she doesn’t love you anymore, or have you said the same to your spouse? Confusion reigns: Is this the end of the relationship, or is it simply a temporary reaction to a stressful situation like a midlife crisis? When emotions run high, it can be difficult to think clearly.


Infidelity is one of the most difficult situations a couple can face, because it breaks the bonds of trust. Once broken, those bonds are very difficult to repair.

If you’ve discovered your partner is having an affair, it’s natural to feel devastated. Perhaps you have suspected it for a while, or maybe it’s a complete shock.

If you’re the unfaithful spouse, perhaps the initial excitement of the affair has worn off, leaving you guilty and fearful of the impending consequences. Maybe your partner has discovered that you’re cheating. Or maybe you’re in an affair but desperate to end it, and longing to reconnect with your spouse but aren’t quite sure how.

You can heal, with help

It will take time and effort from both of you, but when both partners are committed to healing and strengthening the relationship, it can be done – and can be done in ways you may never have dreamed possible.

Rebuilding trust after infidelity is a process. Take responsibility for what’s happened. Recommit to each other. Be authentic at every moment and tell the truth, even when it’s painful to do so.

It’s true: Relationships can come back strong and even renewed after infidelity, as long as you’re both willing to commit to the healing process. Dr. Jeanne can guide you through it, helping you examine your relationship and establish patience, forgiveness, honesty — and trust — once again.

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